The Fellowship of Flint & Steel: Tortage Troubles

This will be the central hub for our campaigns set in Hyboria. The ruleset we will be using is Crafty Games Fantasy Craft, or the Savage Worlds rules. We’ll try out both rulesets and then put them to a vote and the group will decide which rules they want to run with for the remainder of the game.

As for the campaign world we will be using a mash up of some different things. I want to set it in Robert E Howard’s Hyboria, but it will be a bit more fantastical than the traditional Conan setting. Meaning that we will have some of the traditional trappings of D&D mixed in, races, monsters, and the like. The tech level will vary widely from place to place, much as it did in Howard’s stories, so one place will be a stone age hunter gatherer society, and the next might be early renaissance. There will more than likely be early firearms, but they will be slow and unwieldy, so don’t rely on them as your primary weapons.

Magic will most likely have a corrupting influence on those who wield it, and there will be terrible creatures from beyond time and space thanks to HP Lovecraft’s influence on my games.

Fellowship of Flint and Steel

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